CollaboRaptor Beta

Stop sharing spreadsheets and start collaborating! CollaboRaptor gives you simple tools to team up and work through lists of small tasks with your team.

⭐ Upload a spreadsheet, share a link with your coworkers and monitor progress as tasks are completed.

⭐ Great for internal crowdsourcing of manual work: research projects, labeling data for machine learning, human-in-the-loop automation, annotation, customized order processing, and anything where having more hands makes for lighter work.

⭐ Automatically generate forms from empty columns so taskers don't need to edit the spreadsheet directly. Validate form inputs to ensure clean output.

⭐ Easy-to-customize forms: upload files, display images, and autocomplete search results based on data from other rows.

⭐ Automate task creation via API, connect results back to other systems in real time via webhooks or Zapier integration.

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